ALA-AI Predictive Power - the ultimate tool for predictive sales analytics


Driving Higher Close Rates at Lower Cost Introduction

ALA-AI is able to glean future outcomes across every step in the sales process. You don’t need data scientists, programmers, or complex software implementations. In minutes, ALA-AI finds patterns hiding in your data to deliver actionable predictions with a few clicks—and absolutely no coding. Unlike point solutions that are only good at one thing, ALA-AI is like having a data science expert on demand that you can apply to countless sales & marketing use cases.


ALA-AI  turns under-utilised data into revenue-making methods


AutoML applies unbiased forecast weighting that counts all factors, even non intuitive ones.

Advanced Lead Scoring

Instead of relying on a few variables to rate opportunities, machine learning allows you to examine all facets of your data. Uncover every factor that has an impact. 


Measure the contributions of ads, page visits, downloads, technical alliances, channel partners, events and influencers in the process with objective value.

Time Management

Predict conversion readiness and best practice activities throughout the entire cycle.

Content Effectiveness

Use objective data to identify the types of content that are most effective for which types of prospects at each stage in the process. 

Sales Enablement

Get the solid evidence you need for sharing best practices to refine the sales process—and improve won/lost rates. ALA-AI reveals what you need to ramp success across the whole team.