Enterprise-Grade Market Sentiment API

Our flagship ALASA desktop solution isn't the only way to access our sentiment analysis data. All the analysis available on the ALASA desktop solution can be accessed through our API feed allowing you to seamlessly integrate our analysis into your existing platforms.

Use the ALASA API feed and receive stock market sentiment analysis data, aggregated from 6,500+ news sources and 150 million historical sentiment scores, without any hassle. The simplicity of this pull technology API makes collection easy in CSV file format.

Full Coverage:

  • Real-time Sentiment score / trend charts
  • Aggregated from 6,500 news sources
  • 420,000+ tickers
  • 150,000 news articles per day
  • 150 million historical sentiment scores with associated news dating back to January 2014

Two Subscription Models:

  • Option 1: 100 calls per day, each call up to 25 tickers. POA.
  • Option 2: Unlimited calls per day. POA.


Quantitative Traders

Get the ALASA market sentiment analysis API feed direct to your trading platforms.  Please contact us for more information.

Platform Providers

Offer value added sentiment analysis data to your trading clientele using the ALASA API.  Please contact us for more information.