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[APP coming soon] Watch 10 Tickers:  Delivered via the ALASA App, receive a daily sentiment score for each of your chosen stocks in your portfolio.  With full in-APP functionality, you can leverage our award-winning, real-time sentiment analysis used by quantitative traders and investors in live trading environments so you can beat the markets.  5-day free trial.

Additional Groups: Aggregated data from experts and crowds for your chosen groups of financial instruments world-wide providing early indication of unprecedented events before they impact the markets.  5-day free trial.

Desktop: Desktop solution with full functionality  for all financial instruments world-wide. Plus, you have access to in excess of 150 million historical sentiment scores and their associated news pieces going back to January 2014. 5-day free trial.

API: Our flagship ALASA desktop solution isn't the only way to access our sentiment analysis data. All the analysis available on the ALASA desktop solution can be accessed through our API feed allowing you to seamlessly integrate our analysis into your existing platforms.  Learn more here.


DISCLAIMER: The sentiment scores are based on crawling the internet and financial sites and is provided for informational purposes only. Our analysis is not intended to constitute professional advice. It should be noted that news is published in many forms and from many sources and in the main, it is an opinion and therefore its use needs to be treated with care. Your use of the sentiment analysis scores and associated content is at your sole risk.  By subscribing to any of the ALASA sentiment analysis products, you are agreeing to this disclaimer.