Big Data Analytics for MiFID II to ensure trade data quality and consistency

Can you be confident that the data you are capturing is going to be, not only, accurate but also easily accessible when the auditors come knocking in 2018?

It’s clear that MiFID II is fundamentally a data challenge designed to improve trade reporting whilst also improving trade transparency.  It may already be the case that much of the data MiFID II requires you to capture is being stored, but still three challenges remain;

1) Huge volumes of data must be stored which sounds like an easy problem to fix, however the data is likely to come from many silos with differing formats such as voice vs email.

2) Trade data needs to be stored and processed in a way that auditors will be able to instantly gain access and make sense of the data.

3) Transactions need to be easily observed in near real time.

Advanced Logic Analytics Big Data Platform, ALA OneLogic, allows financial institutions the scalability and flexibility to address these three issues whilst providing the confidence that you are meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

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