Is your data being held hostage by old technologies?

Financial markets firms have long since been a primary target for both traditional employee theft and criminals trying to steal assets.  Insider thefts and inside jobs have been around for as long as the markets itself.   But, in today’s world of big data it’s tough keeping up with the new styles of financial crime.

Data silos
Unbelievably, many firms are under invested and still rely on old technologies and data silos and are, consequently leaving firms exposed to fraudulent activity.  For example:

  • Fast risk analysis is essential at crucial time windows: prior to intraday trading.  In these situations, minutes could mean a difference of millions of dollars on a single transaction, and
  • Highlighting suspect trades where no communication can be found between related Bank A and Bank B contacts could lead to regulatory fines.

Unified data platform and smarter analytics
As part of an effort to make it simpler to identify illicit activities, firms are looking towards a more unified approach to data collection, augmented with smart analytics to detect and identify fraudulent activity.

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