The search for alpha in big data can be a bit like running through mud in your Wellington boots — it can be hard to produce any alpha if you don’t have the right equipment.

And, beyond sourcing data, firms also need the internal power to ingest, process, analyse and rank that data to turn it into trustworthy predictive signals.

On your own, this can be a long and expensive process.

So, in this age of big data where financial market traders are looking for any competitive advantage they can find, how can they sprint towards the early identification of potentially large market moves – before the competition?

The answer lies with today’s advances in technology and automation.

Using unique algorithms, driven by artificial intelligence, our advanced algorithms find meaning from market sentiment—from a variety of trusted global sources—and ultimately turns that meaning into actionable trading signals.

The underlying analytics extracts data from unstructured social content and active, real-time expert investors and transform it into highly actionable indicators.  We cover 150,000+ assets (stocks, forex, indices and commodities), market news and social media.  Instruments include, futures, ETFs, indices, mutual funds, currency pairs, bonds and warrants.

These proprietary algorithms harness the wisdom of experts and the crowds, provide sentiment scoring, financial prediction, and a sprint towards alpha generation — without the Wellington boots!

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