Making predictions from your data.

Data. Not a very sexy word is it?

Important, yes. And much used today by companies investigating the data behind past results.  But still, just not sexy.

What is sexy is uncovering predictions hidden in that data - without any need for coding or data scientist.

Here are just a few of the areas where ALA-AI can make your data sexier:

Customer Success
Identify your possible buyers
Forecast sales more accurately
Determine which client or prospect will need specific services
Identity churn risk

Build more precise credit models
Credit risk rating/scoring
Actively manage your client portfolio
Forecast losses more accurately

Compliance and Risk
Predict which transactions are likely fraudulent
Determine sources and causes of fraud
Gain foresight into the nature of criminal, fraud, suspicious, and innocent activity in new ways

Equity price predictions


ALA-AI brings the power of prediction closer to the people that need to see what is or might be waiting ahead.

Today, we’re offering a no obligation, free 15-day trial using your own data.

Data it might not sexy, but it could be.  Sign up today.