Two ways that ALA AI adds value are Optimised Time Management and Increased Data Utility.

Data Utility
Get better insights by thinking outside the CRM. Predictive data also lives in your CDP, BI, ERP, and other data stores. Connecting to them with ALA-AI can amplify your understanding of any data, whether that be sales, risk or your equity portfolio.

Time Management
Spending time on the right tasks is critical to hitting your goals. Making resource allocations is difficult unless your team has an objective way to know where their efforts will produce the most success. Starting with the initial touch, ALA-AI can predict the movement of each individual through your entire sales cycle, prioritising highest-value activities.  Predict conversion readiness and best practice activities throughout the entire cycle.

ALA-AI is the ultimate tool for predictive analytics. Turn underutilised data into revenue-making recipes.  Learn how ALA-AI customers are breaking revenue records with lower costs. Isn’t that what defines success? Prove the value of Automated Machine Learning in just one day.