Advanced Logic Analytics (ALA)  launches into the global financial services marketplace to address the market`s growing requirement for big data analytics.
Advanced Logic Analytics is one of the most forceful and intentional moves made by a number of renowned senior IT executives, academia (including UCL and the University of Kaiser Lautern in Germany) and entrepreneurs in terms of investing in big data analytics technologies for the financial services industry that extend well beyond just big data.
Commenting on the launch, Pim Dale, CEO of ALA said: “Current advances in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), and more specifically, machine learning and normalisation of unstructured data, will enhance the predictive capabilities of data analytics in the global financial services market.”
Since 2015, the company has been in a research and development stage with the focus of creating a number of analytics solutions that span geographies and languages, plus a number of cloud based analytics services, all based on years of academic research.
IDC, the global market research, analysis and advisory firm, predicts that the big data and business analytics market will grow from $130b currently to $203b by 2020. The banking industry is expected to be a big driver of this increase in spending.  The IDC report (‘Worldwide Semi-annual Big Data and Analytics spending guide’ )  found that in the banking field these investments will focus mainly on security and compliance related issues, together with customer insight analytics.
Advanced Logic Analytics has been launched with investment from leading figures in the financial services and IT industries, the company will focus initially on the London and New York financial centres, with planned global expansion in 2018.
Advanced Logic Analytics is a provider of big data and finance analytics solutions.  Those solutions facilitate better business insight and decision-making by leveraging enterprise-wide information assets and unlimited external data sources.  The company’s core analytics platform, OneLogic, allows financial firms to analyse and process massive amounts of structured and unstructured data in real-time and undertakes pre-emptive, descriptive, and predictive edge analytics augmented with behavioural and emotional analytics.
Using the most advanced algorithms developed from over 10 years of academic research and connecting to any data source securely, OneLogic identifies and catches signs of bubbles, market trends, overconfidence in M&A deals, and other useful indicators, in any language, and across jurisdictions.  ALA believes that business driven decisions should be firmly rooted in advanced analytics, not instinct.
OneLogic works with industry leading enterprise data frameworks, including Apache Hadoop and the HP Vertica Datawarehouse.   For more information, visit:
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Tina Snelling
Marketing Director