21st March, 2017.  London, UK.   Advanced Logic Analytics (ALA), a provider of enterprise wide big data and finance analytics solutions for buy- and sell-side institutions and other financial firms, is pleased to announce the appointment of Giovanni Loria to the company’s board as non-executive director.

Giovanni has been serving as VP & CFO Global Strategic Finance at Computer Science Corporation (CSC) where in recent years he was responsible for the operational and financial transformation of the Xchanging acquisition and the Global Business Services Division. In his roles, he has been instrumental in supporting the firm’s global divisional leaders in the execution of company plans, strategies and M&A activity.

Prior to joining CSC, Giovanni held senior management roles at global multi-billion corporations, including Cisco, Dell, and Alcatel-Lucent.

“Giovanni has extraordinary technology and business expertise, and we are delighted that he is joining our board,” said Pim Dale, CEO, ALA.   “As well as the insights that come from being part of established global firms, he also has vast experience with fast-emerging startups, and will play an important role as we continue to grow.”

ALA OneLogic was developed to provide advanced big data and sophisticated analytics capabilities for financial markets firms requiring powerful mining, processing, managing and analysis of their enterprise-wide information assets and external data sources, in one optimised platform.

“I’m delighted to join this distinguished and visionary team during a time of evolution within the financial markets” said Giovanni.  “ALA’s next generation of big data and advanced analytics technology will provide the foundation for tremendous advancements in the application of business insight, helping financial firms draw unlimited benefits, both now and in the future, and I look forward to contributing to ALA’s future direction and growth.”

“The potential of our big data analytics platform is vast.  I can think of no one better than Giovanni to contribute to that potential,” said Nick Ellis, managing director at ALA. “With plans to grow the business globally, the wealth of knowledge and experience Giovanni brings to ALA will help advance our mission and we look forward to working with him over the coming years.”

Giovanni has been instrumental in turning strategies into operational results for global firms spanning more than two decades.  Known for his prioritisation and execution, he has managed organisational change, increased operational effectiveness, and accelerated business growth in sectors such as telecommunication, Internet-networking, IT and business process outsourcing.  He has a proven track record of delivering company turnarounds, implementing investment/divestiture, and building global organisations in highly diversified business and cultural environments.

Giovanni holds a degree in Business Administration & Economics from University of Salerno in Italy. Throughout his career, he has worked in Switzerland, France, US and the UK.


Advanced Logic Analytics is a provider of big data and finance analytics solutions.  Those solutions facilitate better business insight and decision-making by leveraging enterprise-wide information assets and unlimited external data sources.  The company’s core analytics platform, ALA OneLogic, allows financial firms to analyse and process massive amounts of structured and unstructured data in real-time and undertakes pre-emptive, descriptive, and predictive edge analytics augmented with behavioural and emotional analytics.

Using the most advanced algorithms developed from over 10 years of academic research and connecting to any data source securely, ALA OneLogic identifies and catches signs of bubbles, market trends, overconfidence in M&A deals, and other useful indicators, in any language, and across jurisdictions.  ALA believes that business driven decisions should be firmly rooted in advanced analytics, not instinct.

OneLogic works with industry leading enterprise data frameworks, including Apache Hadoop and the HP Vertica Data warehouse.


For more information, contact:
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